Appointments & fees

What do you need for your first appointment

Mark and Practice Manager – Debra.
For appointments please call/email Debra.

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Important information for urgent referrals

Bookings can be made to accommodate the urgency of your referral. For urgent cases your GP can contact my office directly and organise direct admissions to hospital.

All referrals can be made by calling (03) 9421 8944.

What do you need for your first appointment

For your first consultation please:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a new patient information form
  • Bring your referral from your GP
  • Bring your Medicare card and Private Health Insurance (if applicable)
  • Ensure you have the results or investigations relevant to your problem (ultrasound or CT scans in particular).

We take the utmost care to ensure we adhere to The Privacy Act (1988) and Australian Privacy Principles that set out standards, rights and obligations for the handling, holding, use, accessing and correction of personal information (including sensitive information).

Public & Private Patients

Mr Lovelock sees both public and private patients and conveniently consults in four locations in Melbourne including:

  • Richmond
  • Mulgrave
  • Brighton
  • Blackburn

If you have any questions or to would like to book an appointment visit:

What happens during your appointment

We make every effort to keep to appointment times and keep waiting times to a minimum.

New patient consultation

Mr Lovelock allocates 30 minutes for every new patient. This allows ample time to answer any questions you may have to fully explain your conditions.

During your consultation, results, outcomes and prognosis will be discussed with you including options for conservative treatment, endovascular approaches and open surgery.

Please feel free to have any family members or friends present for your appointment.

Follow-up consultation for current patients

In a 15-minute follow up consultation Mr Lovelock will thoroughly discuss any results and answer any questions you may have  about your treatment.

After every consultation or operation

A letter will be sent back  detailing your results to your referring doctor or health professional/s involved in your care. This allows for open and improved communication between health professionals and improved coordinated care for your safety and recovery.

If investigations need to be undertaken the reasons for undertaking them will be explained and follow up appointments made to discuss the results.

Mr Lovelock will take the time to explain the treatment approaches and discuss “pros and cons” of each. This is to help you with the decision making process for your treatment. For all treatments you will supplied with information about the approach and costs. We believe that being informed and respectful of your concerns and wishes leads to improved results.

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Fee Information

Please see below for initial consultation costs and follow up appointment costs and Medicare rebates:

Initial consultation

  • Medicare Rebate of $78.05

Review consultation

  • Medicare Rebate of $39.25

Pensioner appointment fees

Pensioners - Initial consultation

  • Medicare Rebate of $78.05

Pensioners - Review consultation

  • Medicare Rebate of $39.25

Surgery fees & charges

Surgical fees will be outlined for you before you undertake any surgical procedure. Costs may vary depending on your level of cover and which health fund you belong to. Quotes for uninsured patients will be arranged at your request.

You can conveniently pay any outstanding consultation gap payments on the day via cash or:

If you have any questions or to would like to book an appointment visit: