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How to refer to Mr Lovelock

Mr Mark Lovelock – F.R.A.C.S.
Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon

0 Years
Over 25 years of surgical experience.

We’ll work hard to make appointment bookings according to the urgency of your patient’s referral.

GP’s – Please feel free to contact me directly. We can organise admissions to hospital for urgent cases.

Patients (public & private) Patients are given a choice of public or private hospitals/locations where I consult. They can choose the location that best suits them. Public patients are placed on a hospital waitlist if they require surgery.

My promise to you:

“A letter will be sent to every referring doctor or health professional/s involved in the patients’ care detailing the results. This allows for open and improved communication between health professionals and improved coordinated care, safety and patient recovery.

I believe that being informed and respectful of both doctor and patient concerns leads to improved results.”

All referrals

All referrals can be made through my Epworth Rooms:

Questions & general enquiries

For any questions or general enquires please make them via email: